There are 5 million power tool users in Great Britain*

With 2 million exposed to high levels*

50% of all reported Occupational industrial diseases are HAVS related*

300,000+ suffering advanced stages**

Symptoms include tingling, numbness, reduced grip
or dexterity and pain, often severe.

HAVS sufferers face long term disablement.

There is no cure.

Prevention is the only option.

* HSE  **Medical Research Council

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a disturbance to hand function caused by transmitted vibration through contact with a vibration emitting source.

In the workplace, the source is often the vibratory hand operated tools that are common in most workplaces.

Exposure to this form of vibration can cause...

Vascular damage

Excessive vibration exposure can detrimentally affect blood vessels and capillaries that help regulate body temperature,

these vessels begin to lose elasticity and can be the cause of significant pain when expanding and contracting.

Neurological damage

Excessive vibration exposure can irreversably damage the nerve endings, causing numbness.

Yes, HAVS can cause simultaneous numbness and pain.


Muscoskeletal Damage

Excessive vibration exposure can irreversably damage tendon muscle and bone.

The term 'vibration white finger' is misleading.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome can spread beyond fingers to hand and arm in extreme cases.

There is no cure.

Prevention is the only option.

UK employers must protect their employees from harmful effects of vibration exposure transmitted by hand contact

Suitable health surveillance should be undertaken

where risk assessment indicates a risk to workers’ health.

Health surveillance carried out annually will not prevent HAVS which can be contracted within months of over exposure.

Diagnosis is not prevention