What are the implications for the employee?

Health,  Safety & Wellbeing - direct health impact

Permanent disability - direct health impact

Future Employability - indirect health impact

Family - direct and secondary health impact

What are the implications for the employer?


H.S.E. imrovement & prohibition notices

Direct financial costs

Litigation by H.S.E. and sufferers is increasingly costly

Insurance costs

These will increase in the event of any successful litigation


Subjective but often a powerful motivator


Also subjective but being placed on a public prosecutions register is not a good outcome

Loss of workforce core skills

Experienced employees who can no longer carry out their duties do not recover their dexterity

Staff turnover costs

Experienced employees who can no longer carry out their duties need to be replaced. Their replacements need to be trained.

Workforce morale

Employees watching their colleagues being damaged by similar tasks to their own will think seriously about their own health and the personal cost of their work


 In extreme cases, a Prohibition notice can result in permanent closure


All of the above will have a detrimental effect on a Proprietor or Directors public reputation


Improvement and Prohibition notices are not the most serious measures that can be taken


All of the above can escalate beyond the imposition of an H.S.E. Notice